'Ready for PS5' tag added to select Sony BRAVIA TVs: Which TVs has Sony dubbed 'Ready for PlayStation 5?'

In anticipation of the influx of gamers looking to upgrade their TV ready for PS5, Sony has attempted to help by introducing a new piece of branding. The 'Ready for PS5' tag has been added to select products in the Sony BRAVIA range, indicating which are supposedly the best to buy for the new console.

But what exactly does this new tag mean, if anything? Is it nothing more than a marketing ploy, or will it actually be helpful in picking a new TV? We've taken a look...

What is the 'Ready for PS5' tag?

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Sony: in touch with the average gamer since 1946.

Sony has announced that "The new 'Ready for PlayStation 5' tagline has been created in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to make it easier for consumers to select the optimum TV in preparation for the highly anticipated launch of PlayStation 5 (PS5) ... this holiday season."

We've discussed the visual output requirements of the PS5 already. And while you don't necessarily need to upgrade your old 1080p display, we think it's fair to say that it's almost pointless to journey into the next generation of gaming without at least a half-decent 4K telly.

Of course, the 'Ready for PlayStation 5' tag is essentially a marketing gimmick. Really, you could call any TV with an HDMI port 'Ready for PS5'. But with so many products available from so many brands, it can get confusing even for the techies among us, so the new tag can certainly help to cut through the noise.

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Which TVs are 'Ready for PS5?'

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Want to be ready for PS5? Then you NEED this 85" 8K TV, obvs.

Naturally, Sony is only adding the 'Ready for PlayStation 5' tag to its own Sony BRAVIA TVs, at least right now. PS5 supports output in 4K ultra high-definition resolution at 120 frames per second, which essentially outlines the qualifying criteria for TVs with the new tag.

Included within the first batch of 'Ready for PS5' TVs is the Sony BRAVIA XH90, a 4K full array LED TV which is available in 55", 65", 75" and 85" models starting from £1,299. Also highlighted by Sony is the BRAVIA ZH8, a 75" / 85" 8K (7680 x 4320p) full array LED TV which costs £5,999+.

Sony promises that all TVs to carry the new branding will also feature BRAVIA Game Mode, an essential feature which ensures the lowest input lag possible. Speaking of which, the XH90 claims to have an input lag of just 7.3 ms in 4K at 120 fps, which is very impressive indeed. Game Mode also allows you to control the TV and PS5 at the same time in a number of ways, including waking both up with the new DualSense controller.

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Should you buy a 'Ready for PS5' TV?

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These tellies ain't half bad, y'know...

Sony BRAVIA is one of the most widely recognised and respected brands when it comes to TVs. Plus, with the company so inherently ensconced in the gaming world, it makes sense that this would be an important factor in its designs. In other words, we're sure that gaming is high on the list of priorities for Sony BRAVIA.

So yes, if you are looking to upgrade to a new TV in time for the PS5's release this holiday season, you could do much worse than a Sony-approved option. Alternatively, check out our favourite TVs for PS5 right now for a few more ideas. Samsung is currently leading the way when it comes to high-end TVs.

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