Razer announces Anzu smart glasses with built-in audio

Razer recently announced the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses, which feature built-in open-ear earphones and several other smart features.

The Anzu glasses were designed with people working from home in mind, which is why they feature an open-ear design, enabling users to hear sounds around them.

Razer Anzu features two separate, interchangeable sets of lenses. The first set has 35% blue light filtering, while the other pair has 99% UVA/UVB polarised lenses. The blue light filtering lenses will limit the blue light emitted by PC and mobile phone screens, which can have negative effects over long periods of time.

Razer Anzu Features

The tech-filled glasses also feature a number of other features, including IPX4 water-resistance, up to five hours of battery life and up to two weeks of charge on standby. Once depleted, the battery takes around an hour and a half to charge. 

Razer’s focus on home-working is shown again with the Anzu’s impressive 60ms of audio latency, making it perfect for day-to-day work usage. Anzu glasses also feature a range of touch controls, which enable users to answer calls and control music.

The open-ear design enables users to listen to music, while still hearing the world around them. Anzu’s frame also features an inbuilt mic, allowing users to take calls through glasses while connected via bluetooth.

Razer Anzu Price & Release Date 

Razer Anzu is available now from Razer’s website for £200, and any extra UV lenses will cost £30.

The Razer Anzu can be used in conjunction with Lensabl, an America online retailer which specialises in providing prescription lenses. 

There’s no word on any possible partnerships with UK retailers, meaning UK customers will only be able to take advantage of the UV and blue light lenses for now.

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