Incredibly rare Pokémon trading card gets zero attention from hardcore collectors

rare pokemon trading card gets zero attention collectors
Credit: The Pokémon Company

rare pokemon trading card gets zero attention collectors
Credit: The Pokémon Company

In an odd bit of collector news, an incredibly rare Pokémon Trading Card went up for sale - but nobody put a bid on it. These rare holographic cards tend to sell out like crazy, no matter the price, so it’s odd seeing so many fans resist the urge to spend their money.

According to Kotaku, eBay and a collector tried to hype up this event so that someone would buy it. The seller in question is Tomaya Ohno, who has one of the rare “Illustrator Pikachu” cards. For those unaware, this was one of the earliest promo cards for the trading card game when it was announced, hence its high selling price of $480,000.

However, to the shock of many, this incredibly rare Pokémon Trading Card ended up getting zero bidders. Considering how these collector’s items tend to get a lot of attention, the lack of anyone’s interest has surprised many. Are TCG collectors actually showing restraint for once?

“eBay is working closely with the seller of this rare Pokémon Illustrator card, and we can keep you informed should the card be re-listed,” a spokesperson told Kotaku.

Pokémon Trading Cards are still some of the most popular collectibles out there, with people spending hundreds of thousands just to get their hands on shiny plastic. Infamous YouTuber and WWE superstar Logan Paul brought plenty of eyes to the hobby as well, though he did also make headlines for being duped by a false seller.

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Considering how expensive some of these cards can be, it’s easy to see why The Pokémon Company has decided to reissue some of them. During the most recent Pokémon Present, they announced that new versions of the classic cards would be coming into print. This includes the infamous Kadabra, who hadn’t been printed in recent cards due to a legal issue.

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