Racist Gran Turismo poster overtakes official marketing material

The racist Gran Turismo poster that reads “from gamer to racist”

The racist Gran Turismo poster that reads “from gamer to racist”

The memes have run rampant with Neil Blomkamp’s Gran Turismo movie, a film with the slogan “From Gamer to Racer”. As soon as the film’s slogan released, the internet sillies turned the phrase into the immediately unforgettable “From Gamer to Racist” which spread like wildfire.

The racist Gran Turismo meme was originally spread in poster form to the point where many were fooled into thinking it was original. Even now, I still think of the meme whenever I see the original poster, and it seems that streaming service Roku does as well.

Via Reddit, the official Roku listing for the Gran Turismo movie didn’t feature the original poster. Instead, the racist Gran Turismo poster was displayed, showcasing “From Gamer to Racist” to fans around the world. (Archive here.)

Fans noticed that searching up the Gran Turismo movie on the Roku service displayed the iconic meme poster instead of any official artwork for the film. While the film isn’t officially out on the service, media relating to it all displayed the fake promotional poster.

The racist Gran Turismo poster on a Roku store page
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This is genuinely the best possible outcome of this meme.

While the poster has since been removed, the racist Gran Turismo poster was present on Roku for at least 24 hours. For an entire day, anyone who looked up the movie was greeted with the best meme to ever surround a Niel Blomkamp movie.

While not an amazing movie, Gran Turismo has released to some positive reception. Reviews are generally positive to the racing biopic, but many feel the title lacks substance. It may have a lot of crashes and the lovely David Harbour, but it’s not exactly what fans wanted from a Gran Turismo movie.

At the time of writing, Gran Turismo is still playing in cinemas, although it’s therateical run is coming to an end in the next few weeks. Released alongside heavy hitters like Mission Impossible 7, Oppenheimer, Barbie and more, Gran Turismo was never in a great position to make a lot of money.

Gran Turismo, made on a budget of $60 million, has reportedly made $93.4 million at the box office.

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