QuestCraft on Quest 3 is the Ultimate Minecraft VR Experience

Steve from Minecraft wearing a Meta Quest 3 headset in front of a blurred Minecraft wallpaper
Credit: Mojang / Meta

Steve from Minecraft wearing a Meta Quest 3 headset in front of a blurred Minecraft wallpaper
Credit: Mojang / Meta

QuestCraft has been available for over two years, offering a Minecraft VR port since Microsoft chose not to fund it. The beloved sandbox game is magical, and playing it in VR lets you fully experience Mojang's iconic world in a unique way.

Despite being one of the best VR headsets, the Quest 3 couldn't run the QuestCraft app. The app worked on Quest 2, but the latest headset lacked support since its launch in October last year.

Fortunately, the QuestCraft 5.0 update, released on May 23, brings support for Quest 3. This update finally allows the unofficial Minecraft VR experience on Meta's newest headset, filling the gap left by the absence of what could be one of the best PCVR games on the market.

QuestCraft isn't a standalone distribution of Minecraft VR; it requires a copy of Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition on PC and a Microsoft account to function. However, if you already own Minecraft, this app lets you experience it with full motion controls.

The update not only adds Quest 3 support but also introduces a range of other features. Performance has been improved from a disappointing 45 FPS to 120 FPS for Quest 3 players. It also includes modpack support, higher mod compatibility, UI changes, custom instances, and, according to the developer, hundreds of bug fixes.

To download QuestCraft, you'll need to know how to siodeload games via SideQuest and follow our guide on how to install QuestCraft on Quest. This process requires a PC, a copy of the game, and a Quest headset. It can be a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of downloading SideQuest apps, it becomes much simpler.

QuestCraft is a testament to the love and passion behind virtual reality experiences. Hundreds of people are working on Quest ports of their favorite flatscreen games, like Praydog's UEVR mod or Team Beef's ports of games like Tomb Raider into VR. Minecraft is one of the biggest games ever made, and playing it in VR is truly special.

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