Quantic Dream claims Star Wars Eclipse is a ‘perfect’ chance to fix the studio

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Quantic Dreams claims Star Wars Eclipse is a ‘perfect’ chance to fix the studio

Quantic Dream’s secretive Star Wars Eclipse game is still deep in development at the controversial French game studio, and development is reportedly going well.

Revealed at The Game Awards in 2021, Star Wars Eclipse is a narrative action game set in the series’ High Republic era. While games such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor have toyed with this era before, Eclipse will be the first game entirely set in the new timeframe.

In a recent interview with French media network BFM, Quantic Dream revealed that development on the new game is helping the studio to fix its highly controversial management problems. Although, the details on how those problems are being fixed was left more than vague.

The TV puff piece mostly shows how the game uses advanced motion capture to bring the world of Star Wars to life, surrounding actors with almost 150 cameras to capture every minor movement on their face.

Star Wars Eclipse actor in a motion capture rig designed to capture facial details with over one hundred cameras
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Star Wars Eclipse uses advanced motion capture to recreate actors' movements in the game

General Director at Quantic Dream Guillaume De Fondaumière told the outlet that work on Star Wars Eclipse is essential to fixing the studio’s history of abuse and poor management. In the past De Fondaumière and co-founder David Cage were accused of sexist and racist abuse at the game studio, resulting in a public lawsuit in 2021.

“[Development on Eclipse] is going very, very well,” De Fondaumière said. “[We’re] focused on game development; it’s the only thing that interests us.”

De Fondaumière explains that the studio’s acquisition by Chinese gaming giant NetEase is also responsible for a change in management direction at the studio.

“We decided to take the studio in another direction to really have perfect editorial control of our studio,” he said.

Quantic Dream general director Guillaume De Fondaumière talking to BTM
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Quantic Dream general director Guillaume De Fondaumière talking to BTM

Quantic Dream’s controversies have not been resolved in the eyes of Star Wars fans. Due to the company’s history of sexism, racism and homophobia, many fans of Star Wars’ diverse High Republic era have condemned the studio from being involved in the project.

In the past, fans have even arranged online boycotts of Star Wars Eclipse until the game changes hands from Quantic Dream to another, less controversial studio.

Star Wars Eclipse is currently without a release date for any platform. The game is expected to be a multiplatform release on PC, Xbox Series and PS5.

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