Quaise startup announces plans to fusion drill energy 12 miles into the Earth

The ongoing energy crisis is set to lead humanity in a multitude of different directions. However, as with any crisis, the ingenuity of the human race will always come up with multiple solutions. For MIT startup Quaise, that solution involves drilling a dozen miles into the Earth.

Quaise announces plans to drill into The Earth

Reported by Futurism, MIT startup Quaise has announced plans to drill twelve miles into The Earth to suck up energy. The venture aims to grant humanity a “nearly limitless and clean geothermal energy” supply.

Backed by $40 million in Series A funding, the MIT startup will use fusion technology to drill into The Earth. Quaise plans to drill twelve miles into the planet, a length that will make the startup’s hole the deepest one ever drilled.

To drill the hole, the startup will use a gyrotron. Typically, the technology is used to superheat plasma. However, in this case, the gyrotron will be used to bore straight through the Earth with high-power energy beams.

Investor Mark Cupta explained: “We need a massive amount of carbon-free energy in the coming decades. Quaise Energy offers one of the most resource-efficient and nearly infinitely scalable solutions to power our planet. It is the perfect complement to our current renewable solutions, allowing us to reach baseload sustainable power in a not so distant future.”

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The Big Drill is far away

Quaise's plans to suck energy out of the Earth is still in its early stages. While the startup does have the funding and the motive to drill a massive hole into the planet, it will still take a number of years before they can drill said hole.

The startup’s first demonstration will occur in 2024. However, the company's first commercial operation will be even later than that in 2026. Of course, this all depends on whether or not plans to drill into the planet don't get delayed.

Quaise has not released a concrete roadmap for its upcoming drill operation. However, no matter what happens, the company can rest assured that they've announced the most sci-fi energy plans of 2022 so far.

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