PSVR fans aren't pre-ordering Sony's next-gen headset

The upcoming PSVR 2 headset will bring true VR gaming to the PlayStation 5. While fans have experienced rudimentary, but still entertaining, VR on PlayStation, the next-gen headset is a huge step forward.

Despite this, the PSVR community is wary of PlayStation’s next device. After spotty support for the first headset, concerns are brewing that its successor will follow the same trend.

PlayStation VR 2 headsets will be massively improved over the original. However, this won’t matter if the hardware isn’t supported by brilliant software.

In a poll on the PSVR subreddit, fans expressed a cautious disinterest in the next-gen headset. While the majority of fans are excited for a new generation of PlayStation VR, a large amount are not willing to dive in as soon as it launches.

The ongoing poll asks fans if they are going to preorder the new headset or not. At the time of writing, the majority are planning to upgrade as soon as possible, but a lot are planning to wait.
At the time of writing, 59.1% of fans decided to preorder. On the other hand, 40.9% do not want to get the headset on launch.

Fans revealed that Sony’s lack of exclusives have led them to become wary. With studios like PlayStation London taken away from VR, Sony appears to be leaning hard on third-party releases.

Other fans explained that the lack of backward compatibility with last-gen VR games is a sore sticking point. As the original headset and controllers work on PS5, fans believe the new headset should work for old games as well.

There’s also the sticking point that many do not have access to a PlayStation 5 yet. Participants of the poll argued that there should be an “I don’t have a PS5 yet” option.

Nevertheless, the majority of the fanbase is still planning to buy PSVR 2. One fan said: “It’s an instant purchase for me. Easily the hardware I’m most excited about for next year.”

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