PSVR 2 Adapter Brings PCVR Gaming at a High Cost

PSVR 2 Adapter for PC support next to the box it arrives in
Credit: PlayStation

PSVR 2 Adapter for PC support next to the box it arrives in
Credit: PlayStation

After months of anticipation since the announcement of PC support, the PSVR 2 is close to gaining more freedom. The PlayStation 5 VR headset, released in early 2023, has struggled due to a lack of content and disappointing sales. To address this, PlayStation is now allowing players to enjoy PCVR titles with the headset.

Despite being one of the best VR headsets on the market, the PSVR 2 couldn't compete with the Meta Quest 3 before the PC support announcement. However, with console VR at a dead end, the newfound flexibility of the PSVR 2 could offer a new lease on life for PC gamers—albeit at an additional cost.

The PSVR 2 adapter for PC was certified a few months ago in Korea, and the device has finally been officially announced. Releasing on August 7, 2024, the new PSVR 2 adapter will enable players to connect their headset to a PC and will require an upcoming PlayStation VR2 app, set to release soon. The adapter will cost an extra $59.99 / £49.99 on top of the already expensive headset.

This isn't too surprising. The developer of an unofficial PSVR 2 driver for Steam also released an adapter for sale through their Patreon subscription. However, this official offering will make it accessible for anyone who owns the PSVR 2, allowing users to revive their forgotten headsets. PlayStation likely hopes that some PC gamers will now purchase the headset, especially since PSVR 2 production has been halted until the old stock is sold.

The ability to play the best PCVR games and use the best VR mods for non-VR games will make the headset a more attractive investment. However, it remains unclear if this will be enough. With budget-friendly options like the Meta Quest 3s offering decent specs, the wired limitations and Fresnel lenses of the PSVR 2 might make it less appealing. In any case, the industry will find out in August whether the PSVR 2 can thrive thanks to Steam.

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