PS5 Pro enhanced requirements leaked prior to console reveal

playstation 5 white with white and black controller

playstation 5 white with white and black controller


  • PS5 Pro Enhanced ("Trinity Enhanced") labelling has been leaked for PS5 Pro titles.
  • Specific requirements include adding ray tracing, boosting frame rates, or offering increased resolutions through native rendering or upscaling techniques.
  • We can expect significant improvements to several games in the PS5 Pro lineup with this new certification.

Following a leak revealing most of the PS5 Pro's specs earlier this month, insider Tom Henderson at Insider Gaming has corroborated the information and provided details on the requirements games will need to meet to receive a 'PS5 Pro Enhanced' label, codenamed 'Trinity Enhanced' internally.

The ideal "Trinity Enhanced" mode combines three enhancements: using a technique called PSSR to upscale resolution to 4K, achieving a constant 60 FPS frame rate, and adding or improving ray tracing effects compared to the standard PS5 version. This would be particularly ideal for games that target 30-60 FPS without ray tracing on the current PS5, like Final Fantasy XVI.

However, it seems meeting all three of these goals isn't mandatory for the 'Trinity Enhanced' label. Here's a breakdown of the leaked requirements. There are three in total.

  • Ray-tracing: Some games might only see the addition of ray tracing on the PS5 Pro, even if they already achieved specific performance targets like 4K resolution at 30 FPS on the base PS5.
  • Boosted FPS: Meanwhile, other upgrades could involve boosting a game from 30 FPS to 60 FPS on the PS5 Pro or taking a game with a variable frame rate to a consistent 120 FPS.
  • Increased resolution: This applies to games that use dynamic resolution scaling on the PS5. The PS5 Pro could offer a higher target resolution, like going from 1080p to 4K, through native rendering or PSSR upscaling.

These requirements offer developers multiple pathways to enhance their games for the PS5 Pro and get the Trinity Enhanced label.

For instance, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition offers several performance modes on PS5, including ray tracing at 30 FPS or 120 FPS without ray tracing. A "Trinity Enhanced" patch could allow the game to enable ray tracing in the 120 FPS mode, potentially leveraging the PS5 Pro's rumoured boost in RT performance.

While some outlets speculate next-gen titles like Grand Theft Auto VI might not hit 60 FPS on the PS5 Pro, these leaks suggest the console's increased power could allow existing 30 FPS RT modes in such games to reach 60 FPS. This is because console games can be optimized for specific hardware, potentially mitigating CPU bottlenecks that hinder ray-tracing performance.

Overall, considering the leaked PS5 Pro specs and these "Trinity Enhanced" requirements, it seems too early to say whether 60 FPS will be out of reach for demanding PS5 Pro games.

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