PlayStation 5 DualSense V2 fixes the controller’s abysmal battery life

The PS5 Dualsense controller being held in the hands

The PS5 Dualsense controller being held in the hands

An improved version of the brilliant PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is seemingly launching very soon, bringing much-needed battery improvements to the otherwise amazing device.

Revealed via a Walmart Canada listing (spotted by VGC), the new DualSense V2 controller is essentially a slightly revised version of the standard pad.

Releasing at the same price as the original, $89.99 CAD, the new PS5 controller featured the same design as the launch model. However, the internal battery capacity has been raised to support 12 hours of use, compared to the six hour use of the standard model.

With the standard controller including a 1,560mAh battery, we could expect a 3,120mAh battery in the DualSense V2. On the other hand, the device could simply draw a lot less power than the launch model to give it a longer battery life.

The DualSense controller isn’t the only first-party device from Sony. DualSense Edge, Sony’s answer to the Xbox Elite Controller, included pro features such as swappable sticks, but featured even lower battery life than the original.

In our review of the controller, we said: “The DualSense Edge serves up a convincingly premium suite of customisation options, and the adaptive triggers and best-in-class haptics are as impressive as ever, but a weak battery life holds it back from being the clear-cut best PS5 controller.”

Third party PlayStation 5 controllers have also been released such as the brilliant Nacon Revolution 5 Pro. However, due to Sony restrictions, third party controllers can’t make use of many features found in the base models.

An improved battery is an essential upgrade for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. With the controller’s massive set of features — resistive triggers, built-in speaker and microphone and accelerometer — it uses a lot of power. With only a few hours of usage possible on the standard model, you might as well just use it wired.

There’s currently no release date scheduled for the new controller. However, it will also come with a DualSense charging station; isn’t that nice?

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