PS5 back compat has only added one PS1 game since launch

PS1 games on PS5 back compat crash bandicoot

PS1 games on PS5 back compat crash bandicoot

PlayStation Plus Premium added backwards compatibility to Sony’s PlayStation 5. Including PS1, PS2 and cloud-based PS3 games, the console’s library massively expanded with nostalgia, but PS5 back compat is far from ideal.

When Sony introduced the PS5 back compat feature, more titles were expected to be added over time. While that is the case, the feature has been mostly ignored by PlayStation since it was used to advertise PlayStation Plus Premium.

The PlayStation Classics Catalogue is one of the primary reasons to purchase the new, more expensive subscription. In comparison, Xbox players are simply about to put in discs to play backwards compatible titles, free of charge.

As PS5 back compat requires users to pay extra, subscribers expected Sony to add more classic games at frequent intervals. Spotted by Exputer, only a single PlayStation 1 title has been added to the service in the last six months. The expanded service launched six months ago.

PlayStation’s complete neglect of support for its PlayStation 1 library has caused a lot of disillusionment in the fanbase. With well over 1,000 titles available in the PS1 a catalogue, fans are expecting to see more games added in frequent doses, especially as they’re charging more for the service.

At the time of writing, PS5 back compat only supports a total of 14 PlayStation 1 games. Furthermore, the supported library completely neglects some of the platform’s most popular games including Tekken, Tomb Raider, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid and more.

PlayStation Plus Premium charges $20 more a year than PlayStation Plus Extra. With no new titles being added for players to experience, is there really any reason for PS5 gamers to pay extra to Sony? Personally, we don’t see it.

One post on Reddit just a couple of months into the service saw fans complaining about the lack of additions to Sony. One user said they feel “shafted” by the subscription; many believe that Sony just doesn’t want to put any effort into the retro gaming feature.

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Hopefully, PlayStation 5 gamers get more retro PlayStation games added to PS Plus. After all, who doesn’t want a hit of nostalgia?

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