PS5 advanced cooling system explained: What does this cool feature mean for the PlayStation 5?

The PS5 had many of its secrets spilt out into the open earlier this year, at least, we think it was this year, it might have been ten years ago, who can say?

While the information wasn't all that consumer-friendly, we've done what we can to make sure everyone and their gran can understand it.

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However, there are still things we don't know, like the price, or the release date. Both kind of essential things when deciding if you want to buy one or not.

It turns out though, that there are more secrets still, and they include things like the advanced cooling systems inside the PS5...

What is PS5 advanced cooling?

Cooling in a console or PC or any hardware really, is designed to stop the thing overheating and breaking. If components get too hot they can melt, which is, unsurprisingly, not good.

Well, as spotted by Lets Go Digital, there was a PS5 patent filed last November, which has a load of information on the advanced cooling systems sed in the dev kits.

The system effectively uses the V shape that we've seen so far to funnel air from one side to the other side, and in doing so makes for a more efficient cooling system.

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What does it mean for the actual PS5?

While this all pertains to the dev kits, which often differ to the final design of a console, it's likely that the PS5 will incorporate similar, if not the same, systems.

That means that the V shape could well be the final design we're all looking at. Lets Go Digital have a really nice mockup of what could be the final console up in the article linked above.

It should mean that the system stays cooler, which in turn means it shouldn't have to work as hard, which should also mean that it won't sound like a jet engine landing on your house whenever you use it.

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