The Prosciutto Metaverse might be the cure you don't need

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The Prosciutto Metaverse might be the cure you don't need visiting the halls of Prosciutto

Have you ever wanted to taste prosciutto in VR? Well, now you definitely can’t. The Consorzio Prosciutto di San Daniele has launched what they are calling a “full-immersion and digital experience” in the world of the sweet and salty prosciutto, allowing virtual avatars to examine at the long and complex process of going from a pork leg to that expensive deli prosciutto you might not be able to afford.

After choosing an avatar, you’ll be ready to explore the halls where the San Daniele is made, all the way from Friuli in Northern Italy. You will also be granted access to exclusive photos and videos of each stage of the production. Sadly no, there will be no pig slaughtering phase in VR; perhaps it will be implemented in a later update.

Prosciutto metaverse pouring salt on the pig's leg
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San Daniele’s metaverse portal, called Lab, has been developed by Italian company TechStar. The company wanted to “offer the opportunity to tell in a unique way the production process of the iconic prosciutto and immerse the user in the values of excellence and sustainability that characterize the brand”. Too bad you can’t even smell prosciutto in VR.

The San Daniele brand of prosciutto is definitely one of the most known worldwide, along with one of the most expensive brands of cured meat. The Consorzio company guarantees the quality of the product worldwide, so called “prosciutto DOP”. A cured meat that they describe as “genuine and incredibly noble” and “the pride of its producers”. We wonder if the pig might agree with that description.

The San Daniele metaverse, while perhaps not reaching 30,000 unique users, is definitely another example of the flexibility of the concept. Now you can create your own avatar while walking down the prosciutto halls, looking at static images and videos that would make a lot more sense on YouTube. We don’t know about you, but we are very anxious to discover all the secrets of the mozzarella metaverse next.

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