Pro Pokémon players banned from World Championships for hacking

Pro Pokémon players banned from World Championships for hacking

Pro Pokémon players banned from World Championships for hacking

Numerous professional level Pokémon players have been banned from the series’ World Championships for using hacked monsters during pro fights.

Players taking part in the tournament’s Pokémon battling events were kicked from proceedings due to the use of hacked creatures. However, the hacked creatures did not have a competitive advantage against others.

Instead, the banned players used third-party tools to generate Pokémon with perfect IVs, EVs and natures. While these creatures could be obtainable in game, and are by other pro players, they take dozens of hours to properly train.

Professional Pokémon player VGC Corner took to Twitter to discuss their disqualification from the tournament. The player explained that they used third party tools to get competitively viable Pokémon from games they don’t have to stay on top.

“DQ’d at 2-0. Should have gotten my mons myself,” the pro player said. “Half my team was modified. I didn’t have Legends: Arceus to get the Lando, and I didn’t have my copy of Sword/Shield to get Urshifu. I tried trading for the mons with a reputable trader, but the mons didn’t pass. Sorry y’all. I’ll do better next time.”

Pokémon hacking has been an issue in the games for a long time, from online play to competitive tournaments. As reaching optimal IVs for a single Pokémon taking so long, many players simply do not have the time to invest to create full competitive teams.

In the past, Pokémon Tournaments have not been too harsh on hacked teams. However, as VGC Corner points out, the ongoing World Championships are attempting to weed out hackers in big tournaments.

“The weirdest part in all of this is that they waited til the WCS to start upping their game,” they said. “I wish it was consistent throughout all the season, but at least we now have this established. They are finally not messing around, get your mons legit, y’all!”

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