Prison Architect 2 brings the series to 3D, and it looks kinda ugly

prison architect 2 brings the series to 3d
Credit: Paradox Interactive

prison architect 2 brings the series to 3d
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Prison Architect 2 has officially been announced, but it might not be the sequel fans were expecting, at least visually. While the first game made use of a simple 2D style, the sequel uses 3D visuals that attempt to replicate its predecessor’s look, resulting in somewhat ugly graphics.

The sequel was officially announced by developer Double Eleven and publisher Paradox Interactive (via Eurogamer), alongside a trailer where players can check out that new visual style. Even though the graphics look a bit rough, this simulator sequel is only coming to PS5, Xbox Series systems, and PC.

Despite the visuals being a mixed bag, there is a point to the 3D graphics in Prison Architect 2, as it gives players more options to architect their prison. Now that the game is completely 3D, players can build multiple floors, fitting in even more prisoners.

Since this is a game about managing your prisoners, players will be happy to hear about the new connection system. Much like The Sims, this system will allow inmates to make friends and enemies. Now this game can go full Oz, showing us who will work out with each other and who is going to get stabbed by lunchtime.

"A greater degree of player freedom, impactful choices, and inmate simulation come together to provide an enhanced presentation of prison management, in a 3D world," game director Gareth Wright said in a statement. "Staple and much-loved features return to manage your inmates, quell riots, prevent escapes, and share your prisons, but now cross-platform! In addition to a new upgrade system, a new Career Mode, and more."

Considering how the first game wasn’t exactly known for its visual style, we’re sure fans can come around to Prison Architect 2 once they get used to the graphics. While it’s easy to complain about the visuals, having more gameplay options is what matters and that might be enough for fans of this series.

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Prison Architect 2 will be coming to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC on March 26th.

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