Praydog’s UEVR is the miracle VR gaming truly needed

A profile shot of RoboCop wearing a meta quest 3 vr headset

A huge win for virtual reality gamers, Praydog’s UEVR injector turns thousands of Unreal Engine 4 and 5 games into full VR titles, with a little bit of fiddling.

Released on New Year’s Day 2024, Praydog’s UEVR tool has been hyped through months of teasing on social media. Able to turn nearly any Unreal Engine flatscreen game into a fully immersive VR title, the tool gives gamers command over their games to create thousands of new VR games.

Available to download here, the UEVR tool works alongside an active game executable to allow you to turn games into either simple VR experiences or VR games with first person movement and even motion controlled weaponry.

For example, the recent showcase of Aliens Fireteam Elite’s VR mod uses the tool to create an immersive first-person version of the arcadey third-person shooter. Fans have even used the tool to create monstrous versions of games that may not be entirely suited for VR as well, but that’s par for the course.

One tweet shows what happens when the adorable cyberpunk cat game Stray is merged with virtual reality. By mapping the game’s playable character to motion controls, you can wiggle the game’s cute kitty cat around like an animated action figure.

Of course, it goes without saying that Praydog’s UEVR plugin is a godsend for fans of virtual reality. While the injection tool may not be as great as a native VR port, such as Team Beef’s amazing Star Wars: Jedi Outcast VR conversion, it makes thousands of games now possible in VR.

Praydog’s UEVR tool has been met with massive acclaim from fans on the Flat2VR community Discord server. Following the tool’s release, thousands of fans are collaborating on user profiles for games such as Robocop: Rogue City, Atomic Heart and more.

While the rough release of the Meta Quest 3 made it seem like the VR bubble was failing to grow, the format’s extremely dedicated community is proving otherwise. Furthermore, with the Quest 3’s adoption rate finally rising, it seems the VR crowd is still rearing for new hardware and software.

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