Pokémon Octopath fan remake is a gorgeous revision of Kanto

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Pokémon Octopath fan remake is a gorgeous revision of Kanto fan art image

It seems like we have officially entered the era of remakes and demakes. Along titles such as Sega Rally and the Bloodborne PSX demake, we have seen a gorgeous revision of Kanto in the latest video shared for the Pokémon remake done in an Octopath Traveler style. We can't help but be in love.

Unfortunately this is not really a project - at least not yet - but simply a simple demo, made with the HD-2D technique of Pallet Town from the original Pokémon. While the author, Dott, mentioned how this is simply meant to be enjoyed simply as "fan-art", we can't help but wonder about a full project made with the same artistic style.

The artist has also shared other videos in the same style, such as the walk-through of Vermilion City and of the morning of departure in Pallet Town. It is not the only game to receive such a treatment, as we also spied Terranigma reimagined in the style. They all look equally as amazing, with many of the comments wishing that Gamefreak would remaking old titles in the same style and that it looks much better than the current 3D offerings.

Reimagining classic Pokémon games (along with other RPGs from the 90s) in the sort of HD-2D Octopath Traveler style is not a new thing, as also other creators such as Youtuber ulone have been working on for the past months. It seems pretty clear that many fans are eager for a return to the classic 2D Pokémon style.

Perhaps, along with nostalgia, that might also have to do with the poor performance of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with Nintendo trying to come to the rescue with fixes. It is not surprising then, that many are welcoming a return to the past. As for us, if such return comes with the gorgeous visuals as those in Octopath Traveler, then definitely count us in.