Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players are down bad for Paldea's muscular women

pokemon has a snu snu problem a player's avatar takes a selfie with a buff woman
Credit: Reddit

pokemon has a snu snu problem a player's avatar takes a selfie with a buff woman
Credit: Reddit

The Pokémon formula has always put players in the shoes of a kid, who goes from rookie trainer to League Champion and terrorist buster. While fans have gotten used to that, a certain demographic has started to resent this simply due to the number of attractive characters Game Freak keeps adding to the JRPG franchise.

Unsurprisingly, many feel the same way about the newly released Scarlet and Violet games. In addition to the attractive supporting cast like Rika or Professor Turo, there are also buff female NPCs that populate Paldea, garnering plenty of attention from fans.

Sadly, these games have no dating mechanics and even if they did, your character is still a child. Admittedly, you could theoretically date Nemona or Arven, but it’s clear that Pokémon has a “snu snu” problem that fans are begging to be fixed.

Fans shared their frustration on the Pokémon subreddit, with many of them wishing they could be an adult in these games. This particular post shared an image of the aforementioned buff women, with many of the comments complimenting their physique and wanting to be killed by snu snu.

“Feels like more than half the female NPCs are built like tanks,” says SoldatPixel. “They will break my character in half faster than any Pokemon would be able.”

"This game really out here satisfying everyone's thirst," replied another commenter. "You like muscle girls? Got em. Daddies? Got em. Mommies? Got em. Fck bois? Got em. Androgynous girls? Got em. Like, why are all the (adult obviously) characters hot????"

“She could lift me anytime and anyway she desires,” chimed in AleXandrYuz.

Luckily for horny Pokémon players, fanart exists, so they can see some of their favorite characters in ways the games will never show them. Perhaps, one day, there will be a Pokémon game with adult protagonists with full romance features, but we highly doubt it.

After all, Pokémon games are primarily made for children and we doubt many of them want to think about dating when Pikachu are abound. As such, players who are down bad will have to rely on the abundant levels of fanart and fanfiction to get their kicks.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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