Pokémon cards are the target of massive TCG robbery

pokemon cards are the target of massive tcg robbery
Credit: The Pokémon Company

pokemon cards are the target of massive tcg robbery
Credit: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) has become a target in a number of burglaries in Japan, taking “Gotta catch ‘em all” to a new level. Amid the ongoing hype of Pokémon collecting, the thieves made off with a large number of the popular cards.

Fans who have been keeping their Pokémon trading cards in mint condition have been able to sell individual cards for thousands, if not millions. Obviously, these burglars must have a similar goal in mind, though it’s a shame that numerous collectors in Japan might have a hard time getting their favorites.

According to Japan Times (via NintendoLife), numerous burglaries of these collectibles have taken place since the summer of 2022. The report claims that at least tens of millions of yen worth of Pokémon cards were stolen and that’s only what’s been recorded thus far.

One case had 60 Pokémon cards stolen from a store in Machida, which reportedly cost a staggering ¥8.5 million. Another incident saw a man using a stolen credit card to purchase an absurd amount of cards – 1,000 to be exact – only to sell them to another store.

We’ve seen similar incidents happen to celebrities, like when YouTuber Logan Paul was promised a ton of Pokémon cards and was tricked into buying GI Joe cards. There have also been cases where adults in the United States bought a ton of McDonald’s Happy Meals to get these cards, even though they were aimed at children.

While there are signs that the modern PokéMania is dying down, the crimewave is not. Pokémon card heists are still ongoing, and even the legal-but-unsavoury scalping market is still going strong. You want new cards? Well, you better be willing to pay a hefty premium, then.

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If you’re a collector of Pokémon cards, be careful and make sure you buy from legitimate sources. Chances are, these items are only going to grow in value.

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