PlayStation's Project Q leaks reveal it's a boring Android tablet clone

Project Q PlayStation
Credit: Sony

Project Q PlayStation
Credit: Sony

Ridiculed for looking like a Nintendo Switch ripoff when first revealed, the PlayStation Project Q leaked footage shows something even worse - it gives the appearance of a terribly generic Android tablet.

On 22 July, Twitter account Zuby_Tech uploaded footage of Project Q, Sony's attempt to tap into the handheld market once more following the ill-fated PlayStation Vita, a nifty underrated piece of hardware that was discontinued in 2019.

The footage shows what essentially amounts to an Android tablet. We get a glimpse at the OS of the system and even some low res photos of the inside, and it's not looking too good for Sony.

Public perception has only worsened with this new leak. The fact that Sony's Project Q isn't an outright handheld system in a world where the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck exist made the product already feel redundant.

Yes, in case you didn't know, Project Q will require you to own a PlayStation 5, have a decent internet connection, and be constantly online to get a seamless Remote Play experience.

No taking breaks from jogging at the park to get some quality time grinding Final Fantasy 16. Or, you could, as long as you have a great internet data plan, which kind of defeats the purpose of remote play, doesn't it?

Mutahar from OrdinaryGamers publicly blasted Sony after seeing the leaked footage, describing Project Q as a complete joke on social media.

This whole thing is a joke. You can’t expect to sell a handheld that needs to stream from a full on console when you have a whole army of handheld systems that you can take anywhere and game on. Big Sony L

One positive thing about Project Q is that it could very well function as a great emulator machine, provided it comes with decent storage. At the moment, we don't know much about the technical side of things, other than it'll boast a 1080p, 60Hz, 8-inch screen.

We'll see if Sony is able to turn around fan sentiment regarding Project Q with a decent price tag and a full set of features to upset the fact that's essentially an always-on hybrid handheld.

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