PlayStation Portal is somehow already a success, thanks to Japan

playstation portal sells out pre-orders already a success
Credit: PlayStation

playstation portal sells out pre-orders already a success
Credit: PlayStation

Despite not coming out yet, it seems that Sony’s PlayStation Portal is already a success, with the handheld already selling out pre-orders. This is a pretty impressive feat, given how this is a controversial handheld system that can only work with a constant internet connection instead of playing offline games.

Essentially Sports reports that pre-orders for this PS5 accessory have already sold out in strong gaming markets like Japan. Even sales in the US and UK have been impressive, something a lot of gamers didn’t see coming. While many originally saw this product as a potential failure, it seems that the PlayStation brand is strong enough to sell a cloud gaming device.

Sony has been pretty honest about the PlayStation Portal, with advertising showing that this is something you play on the couch, rather than the cafe. Granted, the handheld’s overall design is still something less than desirable but that doesn’t seem to be a dealbreaker for Sony fans.

For those unaware, the Portal is a cloud-based gaming device that can play all the PS5 games you have installed on your console. This device must be online at all times so that players can stream their titles in various parts of their house. Essentially, this is like the Wii U gamepad but with a much uglier device to use.

Considering how popular devices like the Switch and Steam Deck are, it was disappointing to see Sony go the cloud gaming route. The PSP and PS Vita were great handheld devices from Sony that could play games without the internet, after all. Still, Sony has been blunt about what the Portal can do and that has managed to entice gamers.

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The PlayStation Portal is currently scheduled for a November 15 release date.

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