The PlayStation Portal isn't the new PSP fans were hoping for

playstation portal isnt the new psp
Credit: Sony

playstation portal isnt the new psp
Credit: Sony

Project Q is now officially called the PlayStation Portal but the new name doesn’t change anything. Despite now having the PSP acronym like its predecessor, the new PlayStation Portable, this device is a cloud-based handheld that relies on the internet, instead of being a real games console.

Revealed on Sony’s PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation Portal will retail for $199.99 and is coming later this year. The device will have key features from the PS5’s Dual Sense controller, including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Sony is pretty honest about the handheld just being a cloud-based portable for PS5 remote play. Instead of talking about the system as a handheld console, the blog explicitly points out how this is perfect for household gaming. The device is less for cafes and more for players who share their living room with friends or family who might not be gamers.

The PlayStation Portal is showcased alongside other accessories.
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Credit: PlayStation Blog

Basically, they gave the PlayStation 5 a Wii U Gamepad and those merits will differ from gamer to gamer. We’re sure some fans won’t mind using this device to play exclusives like Final Fantasy 16 or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 while others use the PS5 room.

However, with the continued popularity of the Nintendo Switch and Valve’s Steam Deck inspiring a ton of handheld computers, the PlayStation Portal is still disappointing. Many gamers still have fond memories of the original PSP, which had a vast library of exclusives and third-party titles. While its successor, the PS Vita, didn’t do the numbers Sony wanted, it’s still a beloved system to many.

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The PlayStation Portal will be released sometime this year. Expect more news on this cloud-based system soon.

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