PlayStation 5 Pro with DLSS-style upscaling could be released as early as 2024

PlayStation 5 controller in a persons left hand, in front of a green background.
Credit: 16bitspixelz

PlayStation 5 controller in a persons left hand, in front of a green background.
Credit: 16bitspixelz

It's seemingly increasingly likely that we'll be getting a mid-gen upgrade to the PS5, as speculation continues to grow regarding the potential upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 Pro. Now, claims have emerged suggesting we could see the PS5 Pro on the market as soon as late 2024.

Whilst speaking on his podcast Game Mess Decides, Jeff Grubb gave his thoughts on the current state of the PS5 Pro leaks, stating that the existence of the rumoured console "is almost certainly real based on what I've heard now".

With the Giant Bomb reporter seemingly having heard enough to "confirm, confirm, confirm" that we'll be seeing a PS5 Pro soon, Grubb reckons we may see the PS5 Pro release as early as September 2024.

One of the flagship features rumoured to be coming to the PS5 is "Sony's own proprietary DLSS-like solution", which could be big news for console players should the rumours hold true. Based on the speculation so far, the PS5 Pro is set to be a whole lot more powerful than thee existing PS5.

For those unfamiliar with what DLSS is and how significant it might be that a PS5 Pro might feature Sony's proprietary alternative: DLSS uses AI to upscale the resolution of a game, whilst the game itself is rendered in a lower resolution. This means that the game can be run with higher graphics settings, or even ray-tracing, whilst maintaining a high resolution and framerate courtesy of DLSS.

Currently, DLSS is only available on PC, and is exclusive to Nvidia graphics cards, although competitors such as AMD have their own proprietary alternatives such as FSR. Now, it seems that Sony will be adding a similar tool to the mix with their own AI upscaling feature.

Plus, there'll likely be numerous hardware upgrades from the PS5 to the PS5 Pro, but we'll have to wait for now to see whether Sony announce the PS5 Pro any time soon. Based on Grubb's predictions, it might not be long before we get an announcement on the device's release date or hardware.

Previously, we've reported on Sony's target to shift 25 million PS5 consoles before the end of the financial year, although the PS5 Pro will come too late to help bolster Sony towards this goal.

If you're planning to buy a PS5 in the near future, it might be worth holding off for a couple more months, should the growing speculation on the PS5 Pro come to fruition.

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