Play Disco Elysium in real life with 97 Poets of Revachol

97 Poets of Revachol

97 Poets of Revachol

If you've played Disco Elysium, you'll know that its amazing atmosphere and worldbuilding are par none, and now you'll be able to experience Disco Elyium's Revachol for real.

97 Poets of Revachol is a live-action role playing game set to take place in September 2024 in Terezín, Czech Republic.

"97PR is a high-production immersive LARP set in the city of Revachol, in the world of Disco Elysium," the LARP's website says. "It provides a slice-of-life view of a community struggling with poverty, living in a polarised society. We want to look at how a community of people arrives at the point of rebelling against the order of things — and what happens after the revolution, when people still need to work and live together."

The story of the LARP is set around La Cage, a dilapidated hospital turned tenement building next to Boogie Street.

"The heart of the building beats to the rhythm of anodic music. Immigrant families far from home, penniless students of Mazovian socio-economics with bleak futures, shady gang members, and those who merely try to put food on their family tables. All together, squished under one roof."

The event promises to fully capture all of the ideas found in Disco Elysium, from socio-economic problems to political ideology and more.

The LARP will have two runs, one from 18-22 September 2024 and another from 25-29 September. The event costs €290 to attend.

So, if you're a Disco Elysium, then grab your tickets and to the Jamrock Shuffle down to Terezín next September to experience all the squalid misery Revachol has to offer.

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