Pikmin 4 ROMs are the latest Nintendo Switch leak after TOTK

pikmin 4 roms are the latest nintendo switch leak after totk
Credit: Nintendo

pikmin 4 roms are the latest nintendo switch leak after totk
Credit: Nintendo

Pikmin 4 is coming out in a few days but spoilers have already made their way around the internet. Like Tears of the Kingdom before it, a ROM of the game is now available for download if you know where to look.

A post from GBATemp.net confirmed that the anticipated Switch exclusive was somehow leaked online before launch. Screenshots and videos have already made their way online so fans who are weary of spoilers will need to take precautions.

"Those eagerly awaiting the latest title in the in the Pikmin franchise should be aware that the full game has leaked online before the official launch. Pikmin 4 for the Nintendo Switch has been dumped and uploaded online, leading to pre-release screenshots and videos making their way to the internet as well,” said the post.

Switch leaks like these have been fairly common so Pikmin 4 is far from the only victim of this. We mentioned Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom earlier but Pokémon also had its Switch games uploaded early. From Sword and Shield to Scarlet and Violet, these leaks are starting to feel like a tradition.

We won’t tell gamers where to get these downloads but anyone familiar with these leaks will know where to look. This news isn’t great for Nintendo but fans can probably take advantage of this leak. ROMs for Tears of the Kingdom and Pokémon look really good on PC, despite various issues and the obvious legal/ethical complications.

For some good news, the Pikmin series has benefitted from being on Switch. The first two games were re-released recently and quickly topped the charts. Expect similar results for this installment, given how the game has excited new and veteran fans alike. Pikmin 3 also did well on Switch, as the Wii U port offered plenty of new content.

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Pikmin 4 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 21.

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