Picard showrunner planning return of George Takei's Captain Sulu and more

Star Trek: Picard has been a rocky series for Trekkies worldwide, one that will continue for at least two more series. However, the long-awaited return of The Next Generation's beloved bald captain isn't the only return on the table.

Series showrunner Akiva Goldsman revealed that he has plans to bring back multiple beloved characters in a new series. However, it may be a long time until that series gets created, if it ever does.

Picard showrunner wants to bring back classic Trek stars

Reported by Inverse, Goldsman is adamant about bringing back even more beloved Trek captains for solo stories. For example, the Star Trek showrunner explained that he wants to give George Takei’s Captain Sulu and Scott Bakula’s Captain Archer in standalone stories.

Goldsman explained that he wants to create a new series called Tales of the Federation. This series would consist of numerous one-shot stories surrounding Trek characters that have often been left to the sidelines.

“I'll call it Tales of the Federation, where you would just do one-offs, right?” the showrunner said. “So you could bring George Takei back for an hour, and do a show about Sulu as an older man, or find Jonathan Archer having now retired from his Enterprise and being on Earth. You could grab anybody, from all the shows, because it's really hard to find enough for a series.”

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Goldsman really wants to make an anthology series

This isn't the showrunner’s first attempt at making an anthology series in the Star Trek universe. In fact, the current Star Trek: Picard series was initially pitched as a part of an anthology storyline for CBS.

The initial pitch would have seen Jean-Luc Picard returning as part of Short Treks. However, with Patrick Stewart attached, the idea of a standalone series with the iconic captain became impossible to turn down.

At the moment, Short Treks seems unlikely to return, especially with other shows like Section 31 and Starfleet Academy in the mix. With this in mind, Tales of the Federation may take years to come to fruition, if Paramount even accepts it.

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However, the return of Captain Sulu and Jonathan Archer could be a massive event for Trek fans. If Paramount wants to, they could provide fans with an awesome last hurrah for these characters, especially Takei’s Sulu.

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