Persona 6 has no chance of coming out this year

persona 6 has no chance of coming out this year
Credit: Atlus

persona 6 has no chance of coming out this year
Credit: Atlus

It looks like Persona 6 won’t be coming out anytime soon, although it’s known that Atlus is actually working on the sequel. Rumours of a follow-up to Persona 5 have been a hot topic amongst insiders and fans, but those sources have released bad news about the sequel.

One of the insiders who first brought up the possibility of a sequel has now said there’s “zero chance” the sequel comes out this year on ResetEra. Apparently, the game was delayed internally not too long ago and will likely come out after one or two more Atlus projects.

Aside from Persona 6, the insider also claims that a Persona 3 remake is in the works. Despite the latter being delayed, the insider says there’s still a chance that the remake comes out soon, despite a very recent re-release of P3: Portable.

Beyond the game existing, no one really knows what this sequel is going to be about. No details regarding the game’s plot or gameplay have yet to be revealed or leaked by insiders. However, most fans of the series don’t want to be spoiled anyway.

Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if it takes years for Atlus to release Persona 6. Many fans will remember how Persona 5 had plenty of delays, originally slated for PS3 in 2014 before also coming out on PS4 years later. The game ended up being a huge success, getting an enhanced re-release and a sequel with Dynasty Warriors-esque combat.

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It’s not like fans don’t have anything to sink their teeth into. Persona 5 Royal finally made its way to other consoles last November, with most fans looking forward to the Switch version. We then got Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable in January, both of which were also really good games.

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