Persona 5 X mobile game censors the franchise's sexiest demons

persona 5 x mobile game censors sexy demons

persona 5 x mobile game censors sexy demons

Chinese mobile game spin-off Persona 5 X is censoring some of the series’ more risqué demons. The iconic enemies from various Shin Megami Tensei and Persona titles have kept their designs consistent across decades of gaming, but this new spin-off is making sweeping changes.

On Twitter, VeskScans revealed some of the familiar demons/shadows that will be a part of the Chinese mobile RPG and their censored designs. Since China is a more conservative country in terms of its media, we probably should have expected these types of redesigns.

Hilariously, some of these new designs for Persona 5 X are as simple as wearing pants and new shirts. Incubus, one of the more notoriously sexualised demons usually has his genitalia hanging out. In the new game, the demon now has skintight shorts. Lamia, whose hair used to cover her breasts, now has a shirt that tries to be snake-like.

For the most part, these are the shadows/demons we recognize from the past, just with hilarious censored designs. It’s just odd knowing these demons for their sexuality and seeing them get censored like this. Lord knows what these artists will have to do to Mara, assuming that the phallic-shaped demon is in the game.

Weird censorship issues aside, Persona 5 X is looking like a solid enough spin-off to the classic JRPG. The mobile visuals are gorgeous, almost matching the original PS4 game, while some of the new character designs are interesting. It will be interesting to see just how the game plays, especially when compared to its acclaimed predecessor.

Admittedly, the Persona series has always had some odd spin-offs. Persona 4 was the guiltiest of these, getting a rhythm game and a fighting game, the latter of which also had Persona 3 characters. Persona 5 also dipped its toe with a rhythm game, though it also has a Warriors-style sequel in Persona 5 Strikers.

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No release date for Persona 5 X has been announced, though it’s expected to come out on mobile and PC.

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