Persona 5 Royal mod finally adds a female protagonist, complete with voice acting

persona 5 royal mod finally adds a female protagonist
Credit: Chlorophylls/Atlus

persona 5 royal mod finally adds a female protagonist
Credit: Chlorophylls/Atlus

A new Persona 5 Royal mod is doing God’s work by finally adding a female protagonist to the game. It’s not a simple cosmetic change either, as the mod comes with DLC costumes, has a voice actress, and is clearly made with love.

The mod comes from Chlorophylls, who has been working on this for a long time. Aside from having to change Joker’s character model, they also hired voice actress Alexa Farron to make the protagonist sound different. It wasn’t easy to work on either, as this actress had to say the names of each Persona in the game.

What makes this Persona 5 Royal mod really impressive is the fact that female Joker can hit on male and female characters. Yes, unlike the male version of Joker, you can be straight with a guy like Ryuji or be curious with Ann or Makoto. This is a feature fans have wanted for years in a Persona game and it’s crazy that it only came in a fan mod.

Beyond that, we are getting female versions of Joker’s DLC costumes in the game, which is pretty cool. One other change people are going to enjoy is how female Joker has her own art when she initiates the All-Out Attack. It might be one of the best gender-bent mods we’ve ever seen and we’re sure that the fanbase appreciates this.

Hopefully, this Persona 5 Royal mod inspires Atlus to allow more options for the player’s lead character for the upcoming Persona 6. Right now, the only game in the series to offer a choice in gender for your lead character is Persona 3 Portable. Granted, being the female protagonist in that game limits your choices to men but at least you have the option.

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Sadly, this mod of Persona 5 Royal is only available in the PC version. Fans can get the mod here. In case no one has played it yet, Persona 5 Royal is readily available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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