Persona 5 ‘no adult romance’ mod makes Atlus’ JRPG less creepy

This Persona 5 mod removes any chance of romancing adult women.
Credit: Atlus/Aniplex

This Persona 5 mod removes any chance of romancing adult women.
Credit: Atlus/Aniplex

Persona 5 Royal is now readily available on all modern platforms. Now, everyone can experience great music, energetic fighting, and creepy adult women Joker can hit on, unless you install the new “Persona 5 No Adult Romance” mod.

While it’s up to the player if they want their version of Joker to date adult women, the fact that this option is there is troubling.Thankfully, PC players that don’t want Joker to be groomed have a new mod that removes this option entirely, which is great.

Console players with morals will have to stick with not hitting on their teacher, punk rock doctor or drunk journalist when the option comes. You’ll just have to learn self-control. Having Joker take part in relationships with adult women is one of the problematic elements in this otherwise excellent JRPG, but now you can cut all of that out.

On Twitter, experienced modder MadMax1960 unveiled the “no adult romance mod” for Persona 5 Royal, with the modder claiming that they “fixed” the game. While MadMax1960 does bring up how this is optional, the mod is for anyone who plans to avoid it and doesn’t want to make a mistake, forcing them to reload the game.

According to the post, any of the romance options involving Kawakami, Tae, Chihaya, and Ohya will immediately revert to the non-romantic route. Naturally, fans that prefer older ladies for their looks can choose to not download the mod, but why would they do that when Makoto is best girl? (Subjective — Ed.)

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only controversial part of the game. In the base version of Persona 5, Ryuji is reluctantly taken by two gay men and it’s played off as a joke. Persona 5 Royal’s fix to this was the two gay men forcing Ryuji to do drag instead of what was originally implied, but that’s still not great.

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Despite these faults, Persona 5 Royal is still an excellent game and is now available for most modern systems. Fans can pick up the JRPG on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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