Persona 3 Remake will be revealed by Xbox in wild series first

Persona 3 Remake will be revealed by Xbox in wild series first

Atlus’ bizarrely-timed Persona 3 remake is allegedly posed to be revealed in an upcoming Xbox showcase, marking a first for the JRPG series.

Typically synonymous with the PlayStation brand, Atlus’ Persona RPG series recently made its Xbox debut with Persona 5 Royal. Since then, Persona 4: Golden and Persona 3 Remastered have been released on the system.

However, in a series first, Atlus’ long in-development Persona 3 Remake is allegedly set to be revealed by Xbox. As part of its upcoming Xbox Showcase, the Microsoft’s gaming brand is set to be the new face of Persona.

According to a member on ResetEra, which was verified by frequent industry insider Jawmuncher, the new Persona game will be presented by Xbox during its June 11th showcase event.

While very surprising, Microsoft’s relationship with Atlus owner SEGA has always been strong. Prior to the launch of the Xbox, Microsoft helped SEGA develop a Windows-based system for the Dreamcast. Afterwards, multiple SEGA games became original Xbox exclusives such as Shenmue 2, Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon, House of the Dead and many more.

Recently, Xbox and SEGA’s relationship has only grown stronger with the Sonic company bringing countless titles to Xbox Game Pass on launch date. For example, the entire Yakuza franchise is now available on Game Pass and has long been advertised with the membership.

Persona 3 Remake comes just after a rather controversial remaster of the original game’s PSP release. Criticised for being a rushed cash grab instead of a proper remaster, now seems like a weird time for Atlus to release a proper remake of the series’ third entry.

Nevertheless, it does seem that the studio is working on the long-rumoured title. A couple of months ago saw high quality renders for the remake leak online, and websites have been registered for the upcoming remake.

Persona 3 Remake is expected to bring forward a lot of the changes found in Persona 5 to the JRPG. More open exploration and stylish combat are expected to arrive alongside the standard graphical boost. Presumably, new story scenarios will also be present.

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