Persona 3 remake with Persona 5-style graphics reportedly in the works

persona 3 remake reportedly in the works
Credit: Atlus

persona 3 remake reportedly in the works
Credit: Atlus

The rumor mill is claiming that a Persona 3 remake might be in the works, complete with updated graphics and gameplay. If true, this would make the re-release of Persona 3 Portable slightly more forgivable, even if the PSP version is better than the PS2 version gameplay-wise.

While still a solid RPG in its own right, Persona 3 is the most dated when compared to its superior successors. Remaking the game with better graphics and gameplay would give audiences a chance to appreciate this underrated classic. Hopefully, improvements can also be made to the overly dark story.

Is a Persona 3 remake necessary? Or does the upcoming remaster of Persona 3 Portable suffice? Hopefully, Atlus addresses this soon, so fans can prepare themselves accordingly.

According to a ResetEra comment from gaming insider lolilolailo, we’re getting a complete Persona 3 remake in the style of Persona 5. The insider claims that it will have visuals that are similar to the most recent game in the series, alongside some quality-of-life improvements.

“P3R is like Persona 5, both graphically and QoL stuff related. And the content (or the lack of it) might not leave all the fans happy, so they still have P3P,” says the insider.

The possible lack of content could hint that the playable female protagonist might not be a part of the Persona 3 remake. Obviously, that would be a major disappointment since it’s still the only game in the series to have a female lead. Hopefully, this isn’t the case but we could see the company cutting that to save time and development.

Atlus is teasing a big announcement for 2023, so a possible Persona 3 remake would be great for fans. Having a remake and P3P is somewhat amusing since it means the PS2 original is the only one lost to time.

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For now, Persona 3 Portable will be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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