Persona 3 remake is real despite recent remaster release

persona 3 remake is real despite recent remaster release
Credit: Atlus

persona 3 remake is real despite recent remaster release
Credit: Atlus

Altus’ long-rumoured Persona 3 remake is real! Following a new leak of upcoming SEGA video games, the believed JRPG is coming back for modern consoles, despite the fact that Atlus just released Persona 3 Portable to every available gaming system on the market.

Shown in part of a leaked sizzle reel, a video of Yukari using her Persona to blast some arrows into a shadow has made its way online. From what was seen, it’s clear that the game was remade completely, with a unique art style that evokes the Persona dancing games. Yukari and her arrow shots never looked that good on the PS2 original.

Unfortunately, SEGA and Atlus have remained tightlipped about the Persona 3 remake, even though it’s clearly real. Hopefully, details for the game soon, as the remake looks gorgeous and we hope there are some improved gameplay mechanics.

Naturally, many are wondering why they even bothered re-releasing Persona 3 Portable if they had this remake in production. Some of us aren’t too mad about it since that’s a good game and we’re all for re-releases that preserve history. That being said, the remake does look ten times better and it’s going to be a bitter pill to swallow when we could have saved $20.

Classic SEGA fans will be happy to know that it’s not just the Persona 3 remake that was shown. The sizzle reel also showed a remake of Jet Set Radio, which is often considered to be a Dreamcast classic. We’ve seen the Dreamcast port on a few new systems but this remake still looks promising.

It’s good to know that SEGA has plans to make more of its back catalog readily available. Hopefully, we get some more remakes and remasters, as the company has a ton of classics that are hard to play these days. Please, for the love of Sonic, give us a Skies of Arcadia remake.

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As of this writing, no release date for the Persona 3 remake has been revealed.

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