Persona 3 fans infuriated at new remaster's rush job

persona 3 portable remaster rush job a boy and girl stand back to back with a coffin behind them
Credit: Atlus

persona 3 portable remaster rush job a boy and girl stand back to back with a coffin behind them
Credit: Atlus

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are coming to modern consoles in January, after the success of Persona 5 Royal’s re-release. Unfortunately, some screenshots of the P3P remaster have been shown off, and fans were disappointed to see the lack of effort put into it.

Disappointing remasters are nothing new these days; many games suffer from rushed ports to re-release on newer systems. Hopefully, future screenshots will reveal more improvements after this disappointing reveal.

Admittedly, we doubt that a poor remaster will affect sales as fans have wanted a new Persona 3 port for years. Hopefully, there’s more work being done to the game to make it seem more like a proper remaster and not just a rush job port.

On the Persona subreddit, a screengrab from a magazine shows what Persona 3 Portable looks like from the PSP to PS4. It seems that the developers just made the game brighter and touched up some of the environments. Character sprites are also less blurry, though that’s not as impressive.

To be honest, this doesn’t look much different from some of the fan-made mods released in previous years. Fans have added HD textures to the Persona 3 games for a while now, with some of them getting showcased by the YouTube channel Good Vibes Gaming.

Naturally, fans were quick to voice their disappointment on the subreddit.

“Wow it’s brighter,” said StarSaber69.

“at this point it seems pointless to complain but I'm still quite sad they didn't port FES or make some sort of FES/Portable fusion,” chimed in itsTraX. “FES did such a great job with the game's presentation, cutscenes and 3D environments added a lot to the game at least for me.”

It’s really disappointing that Atlus isn’t doing more for the Persona 3 Portable re-release. As the previous comment mentioned, fans wanted an improved version of Persona 3 FES. While being an improved version of the base Persona 3, it still doesn’t let you control your teammates, hence, all the frustration.

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Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden will be released simultaneously on January 19, 2023, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. This will be the first time P3P comes to PC, while P4G was already released on Steam in 2020, a full eight years after being PS Vita exclusive.

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