Payday 3 microtransactions and season pass detailed after fan outrage

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payday 3 microtransactions and season pass detailed after fan outrage
Credit: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 is finally coming out this year but not without some controversy. Like a lot of multiplayer games, this sequel has microtransactions and a season pass.

On the game’s official FAQ, two kinds of season passes were detailed for the third entry. The Silver season pass gives players the first six months of DLC, consisting of 2 heists, 2 tailor packs, and 2 weapon packs. Players getting the Gold season pass receive a year’s worth of DLC, which includes 4 heists, 4 tailor packs, and 4 weapon packs.

Microtransactions for the game will let players use real-life money to get more Payday Credits. The FAQ was quick to point out how these credits are only for cosmetics and won’t affect the gameplay.

Based on the information shared, it seems that Payday 3 is going to follow a very similar model to its predecessors. While paying extra for a game is always going to be a talking point, these seem to be an industry norm for multiplayer titles.

That doesn’t mean fans are completely happy with the sequel. Many gamers canceled their pre-orders for the game after finding out it was online-only. Even those that want to play the single-player campaign will need to be connected to the internet.

Despite complaints about the game’s single-player, most fans seem to prefer it as a multiplayer shooter. That’s how its predecessor gained most of its popularity, as planning heists with your friends beats commanding AI companions.

Payday 3 was announced earlier this year and got its first gameplay showcase during the Xbox Games show. Many were impressed with the gameplay showcase since it had been so long since the release of Payday 2.


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At the time of writing, Payday 3 is expected to hit store shelves on September 21 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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