Payday 2 is free again to drum up Payday 3 hype

payday 2 is free again to drum up payday 3 hype
Credit: Starbreeze Studios

payday 2 is free again to drum up payday 3 hype
Credit: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 has a lot of hype behind it and Starbreeze Studios plans to capitalize on that. Amazon Prime Gaming users can now get Payday 2 as a free game, so players can get a primer on how it will play.

As part of the free Prime games in August (via PCGamesN), fans can get the multiplayer shooter and all of its DLC at no cost. That’s a bargain as the game has given many gamers hours of entertainment in the past.

Despite being part of Prime Gaming, users will have to activate the shooter through Epic Games. It seems that the Steam version won’t be free, though the game does regularly go on sale for really cheap.

Starbreeze Studios needs some positive buzz for Payday 3, as the game does have some negative press. Fans were upset that the shooter will be online-only, even when playing the single-player content. Others were also a bit upset at the announcement of season passes and microtransactions, even if they’re commonplace in games like this.

Fans also don’t trust the game’s upcoming console ports. While they will likely run well, previous ports didn’t get the same amount of updates as the PC version did. Hopefully, the studio can prove doubters wrong.

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Payday 3 is coming to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC on September 21.

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