Paradox needs to make a Total War-style RTS, claim strategy fans

paradox fans want total war-style rts from the publisher
Credit: SEGA

paradox fans want total war-style rts from the publisher
Credit: SEGA

Paradox Interactive has made plenty of RTS games in the past, but they haven’t gone the Total War route for some reason. This has caused an interesting discussion amongst fans who think that the company should consider making some sort of Total War killer in the future.

On a subreddit about Paradox’s games, user Ullys9192 wondered why the company hasn’t tried making a Total War-style RTS yet. While the company is working on a Civilization killer called Millenia, they still haven’t attempted to combat Creative Assembly’s popular series.

“As a long-time Paradox and TW fan I've been dreaming of a Paradox-style TW game for 20+ years,” said Ullys9192. “I really thought CA would be able to get to that point but they've been removing features instead of adding them... Paradox are the ones that grew and really evolved. Now with a large and diverse portfolio of studios and games, why have they never (and still won't) tried to compete directly against TW?”

Recently, RTS fans have fallen out of love with Creative Assembly’s Total War series. With the release of Total War Pharaoh dividing the fanbase, many believe the studio is too busy cutting features to deliver what fans want.

The disappointment in Total War does mean that Paradox can swoop in with a similar RTS and instantly win over some of those fans. Obviously, it’s up to the publisher if they want to be bold and capitalize on that market of RTS, especially with all the games they’ve already published.

While the company has a lot of fans, Paradox hasn’t been the most popular publisher in recent months. Recently, the company cut a lot of employees from Harebrained Schemes and then later cut ties with the company. If that wasn’t enough, they still keep the licenses for the games they worked on, including BattleTech and The Lamplighter’s League.

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Beyond RTS games like BattleTech or Crusader Kings, Paradox has also branched into city simulator-style games. The company just published Cities: Skylines 2, which is going to be one of this year’s biggest simulator games. Fans of Total War can pick up Total War: Pharao, which just released earlier this month.

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