Overwatch 2 isn't getting more story missions until 2024

overwatch 2 a character in the sky

overwatch 2 a character in the sky

As if Overwatch 2 wasn't having a hard enough time already, it turns out that we won't be getting any more of those long-awaited story missions until 2024, despite having to fork out cash to play them.

How do we know this? A recent Emongg stream saw the Overwatch player interview the executive producer of Overwatch 2, Jared Neuss. The producer told Emongg not to expect the next story mission "in the next season and the season after that, or anything like that."

While he doesn't give an explicit date for when the next story mission will be available, we can extrapolate the data we already have. A season usually lasts two to three months, so if Neuss is saying it won't be available in the next couple of seasons, that takes us right into 2024 before we even get a whiff of interesting new content - yikes.

Neuss says the reason for the length of time between new story missions is due to the team's need to make changes and balances, even if they do really love creating story missions for players.

Unfortunately, while this may be true, Overwatch 2 has been plagued with delays, issues, and decisions that have led a lot of Overwatch's core audience to not be as engaged with the sequel, or drop the game entirely.

There hasn't really been any good Overwatch 2 news since the game's launch, and we're concerned about the future of the hero game.

2016's Overwatch brought us a brilliant cast of characters and refreshing gameplay that rocked the gaming world, but Overwatch 2 seems determined to tear down everything that came before.

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