Opera GX now lets your favorite streamers react to videos you’re watching

opera gx plug-in streamers video reactions
Credit: Opera GX

opera gx plug-in streamers video reactions
Credit: Opera GX


  • Opera GX has announced that streamers will now react to videos you're watching
  • Simply press Ctrl + Shift + R to make them appear
  • These are just GIFs and not the actual streamers reacting to your videos

Streamers are now a major part of the media, with fans watching them play games, talk about topics, or react to videos. Opera GX recognizes this, as the company has now added a feature where streamers will react to any video you’re watching.

The company’s official Twitter post has stated that fans can now have streamers react to videos by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean a streamer will actually react to the video you’re watching, rather, a GIF of certain streamers will pop up.

Fans will need to update their Opera GX browser if they want to make these streamers appear. If you’re on Google Chrome or Safari, you won’t be able to get this streamer feature, so you might want to download this feature. All fans need to do is update the browser, as the official Twitter account said that this plug-in is automatically installed after.

Opera GX has been working on this feature for some time, originally wanting this plug-in to make Markiplier react to whatever video you’re watching. This is due to Markiplier’s reputation for having over-the-top reactions to games like Five Nights at Freddy’s. Granted, a lot of other streamers do that as well, which is why the gamer-centric browser wanted this in the first place.

Browsers wanting to put streamers in the limelight like this shows just how much of an impact these people have made. While they might not be as big as Hollywood celebrities, they are big in certain fandoms and make a ton of money because of that. There are obvious examples, like Pokimane or the aforementioned Markiplier, but this is a list that will keep growing.

It will be interesting to see if other browsers will follow what Opera GX has done here and try to add instant GIFs of streamers. Hopefully, they come up with more interesting features, since this seems like a random plug-in that not a lot of people asked for.

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