OpenAI ChatGPT 4o Destroys Siri, and Razes Rabbit

OpenAI ChatGPT logo and voice assistant on an iPhone 15 Pro Max in front of a iPad press
Credit: OpenAI / Apple

OpenAI ChatGPT logo and voice assistant on an iPhone 15 Pro Max in front of a iPad press
Credit: OpenAI / Apple


  • OpenAI has unveiled its latest ChatGPT model, ChatGPT 4o
  • ChatGPT 4o lowers the latency for ChatGPT voice, providing almost instant responses, with clever new features too
  • ChatGPT 4o's assistant could mark the end of the short-lived AI gadgets that have been popping up

Yesterday, OpenAI finally revealed what it has been developing behind the scenes - and it's seriously impressive. The company has unveiled its ChatGPT 4o upgrade, providing a voice and video assistant that may kill the Rabbit r1 before it had a chance to hop to victory. Even Siri and Google Assistant need to improve... and fast.

As part of the ChatGPT free and ChatGPT Plus subscriptions, the new 4o model is truly providing new and exciting ways to interact with AI. While ChatGPT Voice has been around for a while now, including the ability for OpenAI's assistant to be in your Nothing earbuds, the new 4o model cranks up the dial to 11.

Not only has the latency been decreased, allowing for almost instantaneous responses from the new ChatGPT model, but it's more readily available. You can also use video and images, asking questions to ChatGPT for accessibility or if you're just confused about what you're looking at.

However, while it's exciting for users, it's not so great for companies. AI gadgets like Rabbit r1 and Humane Pin already had little-to-no reason to exist, and ChatGPT's new assistant practically kills them off already. And, considering that most complaints about the gadgets were based on the fact you already have a smartphone most of the time, ChatGPT 4o also slams on assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and... Bixby, which isn't a surprise for the last one in all honesty.

OpenAI details all of the new features in its 'Hello, ChatGPT 4o' blog post. The OpenAI presentation for the new model seems to focus on what general audiences may enjoy about its latest model, but the blog goes deeper into 4o's capabilities, such as the ability for it to make original fonts, better text in generated images, safety and limitations, and more.

It seems like we're truly on the verge of a great assistant that works well in your smartphone. However, all of the model's capabilities were currently shown on-stage, so it remains to be seen how well ChatGPT 4o works in real situations.

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