One Kirby GBA e-reader card sold on ebay for over $10,000

The past year has seen a massive rise in large-scale auctions of trading cards. For sites like eBay, Pokemon and Magic the Gathering cards have become such massive sellers that bespoke features have been created just got TCGs. However, nothing could’ve prepared them for the recent auction of a Kirby GBA e-reader card.

Kirby GBA e-reader card fetches big money

Reported by IGN, a single ultra-rare Kirby GBA e-reader card sold for over $10,000 last week. The card was resting at a substantial $9,999 for days. Just like any item on eBay, late bids came to push the price further up right at the end.

After two late bids in the auction’s final moments, the Kirby card was successfully sold. The full amount came to a whopping $10,6000. But why was this one card worth so much money?

Why it was worth so much money

The Kirby card is an extremely rare item from E3 2002. At the annual event, Nintendo was promoting their e-reader platform through the use of special Kirby cards. Packs were given to attendees to swipe on a demo machine in a bid to win a prize.

Reportedly, most of the cards resulted in no prize for the user. However, 100 had a second prize result whereas just 10 had a first prize win. The first prize option gave the winning attendee a Limited Edition Gold Game Boy Advance Pokemon/NYC Store Limited Edition handheld.

Unfortunately, for collectors, Nintendo destroyed most of the winning cards after they were redeemed. Of course, this one card remains, but that's because it was never redeemed at the E3 show.

Is the Kirby e-reader card legit?

To prove the legitimacy of the Kirby GBA e-reader card, the eBay seller proved it was a winning card. Using what appears to be a demo unit GBA, the seller released a video of the card being scanned which resulted in a congratulation message.

The card hasn't been officially verified by outside sources, but the proof was good enough for at least a few collectors.  

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