Oblivion Remastered will release before The Elder Scrolls 6

The fan-made Oblivion Remastered mod Skyblivion may actually release before Bethesda makes The Elder Scrolls 6. After almost a decade of development, the massive game mod is getting close to release.

Revealed in a new development update, the modders behind the Skyblivion mod believe that the massive content pack will be finished by 2025. Since they started development in 2012, the volunteer-filled development team has lovingly recreated large swathes of Cyrodil in Skyrim’s engine.

The Skyblivion team now believes that the mod will be finished in just a couple of years time, judging by its current progress. While the team is still asking for additional volunteers to join the development process, they’re certain that the game is just a few years away.

This means that the fan mod to bring Oblivion back into Skyrim will release before The Elder Scrolls 6 makes its way to PC and console. With Bethesda still deep in development on Starfield, its next fantasy RPG isn’t expected to come for another half decade.

The Elder Scrolls 6 was revealed alongside Starfield in 2017. However, the new game is still in early development following Starfield’s two year delay to fix bugs and improve the game’s impressive visuals.

At the time of writing, The Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t expected to release until 2028, the same year the next generation of consoles is expected to launch. As an Xbox and PC exclusive, the upcoming RPG could be a swansong for the current generation of machines.

Skyblivion isn’t the only massive Elder Scrolls mod still in development. The mod is actually part of TES Renewal, a massive unified modification that aims to bring every continent of Tamriel into the decade-old RPG. Alongside the Oblivion Remastered mod, SkyWind aims to bring Morrowind to Skyrim, and Morrowblivion aims to do the same for Oblivion.

Bethesda games always garner a fantastically dedicated modding community, especially when it comes to Skyrim. The studio’s upcoming Starfield game will undoubtedly garner the same love long into the future, especially with Bethesda making sure mods will be available on launch. 

Starfield launches on PC and Xbox Series consoles on September 6th. The game will also be available via Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming for PC, mobile and Xbox One.

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