Oblivion remake devs receive death threats, stalkers and hacking attacks

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Oblivion remake devs receive death threats, stalkers and hacking attacks Dark Brotherhood Argonian

There is no peace in Cyrodiil. The developers of Skyblivion, an enormous undertaking to remake Oblivion in the Skyrim engine, have been under attack in the last few weeks. One developer mentioned that his involvement in the project has resulted in stalking, death threats and harassment, along with hacking of his Discord account.

The developer, Rebelzize, took to Twitter to vent his frustration, mentioning how dealing with stalking, death threats, harassment and hacks have “become such a normal part of what started as a hobby”. He continues saying “people have no idea how much time and effort goes into this project”.

Rebelzize continues to explain the hacking of his Discord account, which has resulted in a development setback as some Skyblivion-related material was lost. This happened on July 12, as he mentioned “My account got hacked and they [the hackers] are now attacking and removing anything Skyblivion related”.

In the end, Rebelzize managed to get his account back, saying how he only “lost some bits and bobs but it could have been much worse”. He also appreciates the backing of the community and the support he received on Twitter, saying that goes a long way to bringing back the fight against the trolls.

The Skyblivion remake is indeed a huge undertaking for a fan project. With a slated release date of 2025, probably before the next official Elder Scrolls title, the project promises to recreate the whole of 2006 Bethesda RPG Oblivion, bringing it to the much more modern Skyrim engine.

There is definitely nothing better than being able to go back to the lands of Cyrodiil by way of an easier to run engine, higher resolutions and updated character models. But we would be slightly lying if we didn’t mention that we are going to miss a bit of that sweet Oblivion jankiness.

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