Nvidia RTX and DLSS creator has been snatched up by Intel

In the past few years, Nvidia has been at the top of its game. Not only has the GPU company made some impressive ground in traditional rendering tech, but its toolset has improved exponentially. With Nvidia RTX and DLSS technologies under its belt, the company is near unbeatable.

However, the mind behind Nvidia RTX and DLSS is moving onto pastures new. Announced in an Intel box post, engineer Anton Kaplanyan has left Nvidia in favour of Intel. But what effect could this have on the two companies?

Nvidia RTX and DLSS engineer hired by Intel

Kaplanyan has been heralded in the graphics field for his phenomenal work on furthering rendering technology. After developing games at Crytek, the graphics engineer would eventually join Nvidia to work on ray-tracing and machine learning technologies.

In the Intel post, Kaplanyan says that he worked with “some of the top graphics geniuses in the world on one of the most advanced new graphics hardware of the decade”. This stint would lead to the creation of the then-next-gen real-time ray-tracing RTX support.

Furthermore, the engineer explained the method behind developing the company's Deep Learning Super Sampling technology. DLSS was designed once Kaplanyan and more “realized that the hardware performance would not suffice for real-time visuals”. The engineer revealed that he and his team decided to create a “completely new direction of real-time image reconstruction methods”.

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What is Intel doing?

With Intel set to create new dedicated GPUs, it would appear that the company is looking to create their own versions of DLSS and RTX. The company's first GPU lineup is reportedly targeting a 2021 release date although they could be pushed back to next year.

Intel is currently hiring a selection of great minds from Nvidia, AMD and more. If the company wants to have its own version of RTX and DLSS, its certainly got the team to create it.

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