Nvidia RTX 4000 cards may be discontinued for new SUPER GPUs

An Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU on its box

An Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU on its box

In order to make way for new Nvidia 4000 SUPER GPUs, Nvidia has allegedly ended production on two RTX 4000 cards. With the current series of GPUs available on the market just over one year, it’s time for them to be retired.

Chinese-based tech website Board Channels reports that Nvidia’s production lines will stop creating new RTX 4070Ti and RTX 4080 GPUs. Manufacturing on these SKUs are reportedly ending as the hardware has “entered the discontinuation phase” of its life.

Via PCGamesN, this news doesn’t mean that Nvidia will no longer sell the RTX 4070Ti and RTX 4080. However, it is likely that current supplies of the Nvidia GPUs will be the last batch of cards as the company makes way for its upcoming SUPER cards.

As we reported recently, Nvidia is allegedly scheduled to release brand new RTX 4070 SUPER and RTX 4080 SUPER cards. The hardware giant is also expected to release its first Ti SUPER device next year, a confusing addition to the already stacked GPU ecosystem.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no plan by Nvidia to improve upon its current RTX 4090 GPU. No leak has mentioned an upcoming Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti or Nvidia RTX 4090 SUPER at the time of writing, leading many to hold even more disdain for the current naming scheme and plans of Nvidia’s GPU lineup.

“This is the worst generation. Anyone who bought this gen is already sad [...] and now their cards that sucked are getting replaced by versions that suck less,” one user said. “NVIDIA must be trying to exit gaming with these moves."

The Nvidia RTX GPUs are nevertheless still outclassing AMD GPUs for gaming performance. With the addition of Nvidia DLSS 3.5, the state of image reconstruction, frame generation and now ray reconstruction is a major benefit over AMD’s offerings.

If Nvidia is indeed revealing its new RTX 4000 SUPER cards, it’s still a while until they’re announced.

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