Nvidia GTX GPUs have gone the way of the dodo

An anime girl crying at the Nvidia GTX brand

An anime girl crying at the Nvidia GTX brand

With the RTX generation fully in swing, Nvidia GTX GPUs are now officially phased out in favour of the new technology. First released in 2009 with the GTX 260 and 280, the iconic graphics card moniker is now deceased.

With the Nvidia RTX 4090 currently one of the best graphics cards on the market, despite some power connector issues, many have already moved to the newer technology.

Via Chinese tech website Board Channels, translated by VideoCardz, Nvidia has quietly discontinued the GTX graphics cards line with the GTX 1660S, 1660, 1650, and 1630 graphics cards. The final batch of GTX cards are expected to be released in the next three months.

“According to the Nvidia GPU product roadmap, the GTX 16 series had been completely discontinued in the first quarter of 2024. Currently, all remaining GPU stock has been allocated to AIC brand manufacturers until their inventories are depleted,” the Chinese report reads.

“Nvidia has officially ceased production of the GTX 16 series GPUs, declaring the historical mission of discontinuing the GTX 1660S, 1660, 1650, and 1630 graphics card. Going forward, neither Nvidia nor the core AIC brand manufacturers will supply GTX 16 GPUs to channel partners,” it continues. “It is estimated that the remaining inventory of GTX 16 series in the market will be consumer within the next 1-3 months.”

The Nvidia RTX GPU branding has been a strong marketing move for the newest generation of graphics technology. In fact, some would say it’s been a more successful brand than the GTX branding ever was.

With RTX seen as the herald of new graphics technology, such as hardware accelerated ray-tracing and DLSS image reconstruction, it seems unlikely that Nvidia will ever return to the GTX moniker. Nevertheless, GTX had one hell of a run, especially the extremely long lasting GTX 1080.

If you want to pick up one of the last GTX cards on the market, the Nvidia GTX 16 series is available right now.

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