Nvidia announces and deletes RTX 4000 Super cards

Nvidia 4080 card in press image
Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia 4080 card in press image
Credit: Nvidia

While Nvidia is likely to officially reveal the new RTX 4000 Super cards at a keynote today, the company has accidentally leaked its own announcement early, giving us our first official look at the upcoming refresh of GPUs.

As found by VideoCardz, but leaked plenty of times prior, the 4000 Super graphic cards are set to release this month, finally confirming the long rumored 4080 and 4070 Super release date. Interestingly, the leaked 4000 Super prices have also been confirmed, with Nvidia being more competitive against AMD.

The first card set to release is the RTX 4070 Super, and while it is the most budget-friendly card of the Super refreshes, it's also one of the biggest improvements from the base GPU. Nvidia has increased the CUDA cores from the non-Super's 5,888 to 7,168. On paper, the card is set to see a 20% performance increase overall and it releases on January 17, 2024. It has an MSRP of $549.

Next up is the 4070 Ti Super, which is releasing one week later on January 24, 2024. The most notable upgrade with this refresh is the increase in VRAM, with the Super variant having 16GB compared to the 4070 Ti's 12GB. In terms of CUDA cores, the 4070 Ti Super is seeing an increase from the base card's 7680 to 8448. The MSRP of the 4070 Ti Super is expected to be $799.

Finally, the last of the bunch is the 4080 Super, which is launching on January 31, 2024. With an MSRP of $999, $200 less than the non-Super's original MSRP. While there's no VRAM increase to match the expensive 4090, the 4080 Super sees an increase of 512 CUDA cores to 10,240 in total. If you've been eyeing up a 4080 anyway, this should be a great incentive to finally purchase one.

All three cards will feature the incredible DLSS 3, making the 4080 Super a great 4K card, while the other two are brilliant 1440p GPUs. However, it remains to be seen how the cards will perform in real settings.

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