NVIDIA CMP: New details about NVIDIA's cryptomining processor emerge

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Earlier this month, NVIDIA announced it was creating a bespoke cryptocurrency mining processor - the CMP - in a bid to divert miners away from its GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs.

Revealed alongside the announcement that NVIDIA's RTX 3060 would include hash rate limits for Ethereum mining, NVIDIA initially gave very little information about the CMP.

However, thanks to VideoCardz, we now know a little bit more about the different CMP variants releasing later this year...

NVIDIA CMP architecture

According to VideoCardz, only one of the upcoming CMP cards will feature NVIDIA's Ampere architecture. The 90HX will utilise Ampere- NVIDIA's latest 8nm architecture that powers the beefy RTX 30 Series of graphics cards, using the PG123 board and GA102-100 GPU.

The 30HX, 40HX and 50X will instead use 12nm Turing architecture - found in older GeForce cards.

This comes after NVIDIA revealed that the 50HX and 90HX will both feature 10GB of memory, compared to the 40HX's 8GB and the 30HX's 6GB. It is not yet known, however, what the memory type will be.

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What else do we know about the NVIDIA CMP?

NVIDIA has released the Ethereum Hash Rate and Rated Power of the various CMP cards.

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Source: NVIDIA

NVIDIA's 90HX CMP boasts a hash rate of 86 MH/s with 320W of power. It's worth noting that this is below the RTX 3090's hash rate, which is around 120 MH/s according to Nice Hash. The hash rate is more similar to the RTX 3080, which has a hash rate of 80 MH/s or 96 MH/s when overclocked.

However, the 90HX looks to be the final CMP to be released by NVIDIA, with the company stating it will be available alongside the 50HX in Q2. The 30HX and 40HX will launch in Q1. VideoCardz states the 90HX will launch in May, while the 30HX and 40HX will release in March.

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