Nvidia App finally overhauls GeForce Experience to not be awful

nvidia app promo first page green panels, black background, cyberpunk and fortnite drivers

nvidia app promo first page green panels, black background, cyberpunk and fortnite drivers

consolidatingNvidia is set to release the Nvidia App, which consolidates all of its software into a user-friendly experience.

Yes, it's called the Nvidia App, and it will be available for both mobile and desktop users. The Nvidia App will merge the functionalities of their new Control Panel, the GeForce Experience app, and the various RTX applications.

Users can consider it a revamped GeForce experience with many extra functionalities and an upgraded user interface. You can expect frequent updates, and this streamlining and consolidation of functionality should make it easier for Nvidia to focus on improving a single app.

You can grab the Nvidia App yourself from their official page. However, do note that it's currently still in beta and will likely have a bunch of bugs. You can learn all about it on the official release page. It's a lengthy read, so if you want, we can summarise the list of important features for you right here.

First up, we have the unified GPU control centre that lets you customise GPU and driver settings while allowing you to make profiles globally, as well as for individual titles. Next up, we have an improved in-game overlay that gives easier access to statistics and recording features and tools.

new nvidia app in app overlay
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Nvidia is also assimilating various AI technologies, such as the NVIDIA Freestyle and Nvidia RTX HDR, into the Nvidia App. We already predicted that the Nvidia RTX HDR would be released officially soon, and it has arrived just as expected. Both these technologies rely on software to apply post-processing techniques to give colours more dynamic range and contrast.

Nvidia will be discontinuing some features, such as the functionality to stream to Twitch and Youtube or to share directly on Facebook. However, we're getting many newer functionalities instead, such as overclocking support. It's a lot better than the extremely outdated control panel and janky Geforce Experience.

While the GeForce Experience app isn't all that terrible and has a lot of useful shortcuts and functions, it's still laggy as hell, and some errors seem unfixable despite multiple installs and reinstalls. The Nvidia App will likely address all these concerns, and I will be upgrading to it immediately.

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